Oh boy, are you guys in for a treat! I'm so excited to finally introduce you to our newest collection, CRYSTALSCAPE! These pieces are stunning on and off the body. I was inspired to make jewellery based around the earth's most precious minerals, but wanted to create the look without using the actual crystal in the jewellery. I was surprised to see that some of the bigger pieces actually turned out looking like little cities, hence the name CRYSTALSCAPE! These pieces will be available to purchase at some of our locations, but will be available at the upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto. This show is 11 days, and we'll be partaking for the entire duration of the show. We have a new to come soon, and lots of new goodies as well! I'll be putting together gift ideas for you all, as the holiday season approaches. I do not want to bombard you all with that, as I also cannot believe that it is October already! I have so much to do, and I'm working as quickly as possible to get stores filled and inventory ready! Speaking of which, it's time to hit the bench again. NO. SLEEP. TILL. DECEMBER 7TH!!! I like the Beastie Boys version a lot better, but this will do. Have a warm Sunday all!!! xx WFD

FLARE September Issue

It has been awhile since my last blog post on here. I've been working non stop on new designs for our FW Collection, and these will hit the website next month for all of you lovelies to purchase. I've also been getting ready for a very busy season ahead, and I'm still flabbergasted that September is just around the corner! My goodness grief this summer was too short! Not to mention that once you have a little one, time seems to fly by. 

As some of you already know, we were recently interviewed by the lovely Nancy Won from FLARE Magazine on our geometric lines. Last year I made the decision to take my 3D work, and have it digitally printed. Casting jewellery is nothing new to us jewellers, so I was trying to find a way to cast my geometric pieces. Unfortunately, this couldn't be done as the lines in my work were too fine. The only way that we could recreate strong pieces, was to 3D print them in various metals. This was a whole new experience for me, and was super exciting/nerve wracking. Basically we took all of my pieces, and scanned them. With the scanned pieces, they are then transferred to the machine which prints them in various materials. You can print in precious metals, stainless steel, plastics and believe it or not sandstone! Long story short, our Crystallized Statement Necklace was shown in FLARE and a little snippet from the interview. The magazine is available, and if you turn to page 129, we are at the top of the page!

Father's Day/ Summer Solstice

Last year my husband (b) and I decided to make a random trip to Sauble Beach to celebrate Summer Solstice! I was 7 months pregnant, and was really itching to get out of the house. We packed up our pooch and a beach blanket and hit the road. Sauble Beach was of coarse packed at that time, but we managed to find a parking spot and hit the strip. Immediately my nose picked up a very familiar scent, and one that holds a special key to my heart. Freshly baked tortillas and cilantro filled the air, and I basically ran to where the scent was coming from. This is where we stumbled across the food truck called, Casero Bus! They make homemade mexican food that is so fresh and tasty! It was such a treat to find them. We decided to make it a tradition to visit them every summer solstice, and we were lucky enough to also celebrate father's day with their food as well. We brought along my parents and brother to enjoy a trip to the beach, and to share our new tradition with them. We were lucky because they were actually about to close when we pulled up, but let us place our order. We stuffed our faces with their food, and topped it all off with ice cream and a walk along the strip. It was a beautiful day celebrating two awesome men in my life, and I couldn't be more grateful! I hope that all you father's out there enjoyed your day! Cheers to all, and a very belated but HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!!!

Vision Board

My first blog post on the new website! Yes, I'm a tad bit excited about this! I hope to share with you my inspirations, new designs, family life, food and really what keeps me going! 

Today has been a very good nap day for Olin (my 9 month old son). I love those days! As soon as his little peepers close shut, I quickly hurry downstairs to my bench to create as much as I possibly can within a 2 hour limit. So you would probably understand how frustrating it was to go downstairs today, only to realize that I was out of PROPANE for my torch!! Cue the shaking of my angry fist! So after a few chosen words with my propane tank, I decided to hit the drawing board for my new One of a Kind Christmas Show booth display! I know the majority of you would probably look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears, but this is how far in advance I have to think about this stuff people! The show takes place in November/December in Toronto. It's one of the largest shows that I have ever taken part in. It is kind of a big deal to me to have an outstanding booth display. I take a lot of pride in my display, and put a lot of thought into them. I have so many ideas, and inspirations for this year that I need to start narrowing them all down. I'm really wanting to go after a Scandinavian look. I'm obsessed with stark white walls, wood, himmeli and evergreen accents. There's something so fresh and inviting about Scandinavian design. I'll for sure keep you all posted on the progress! In the interim, below are a few photos that are currently on my vision board! Enjoy xx

P.S.- It's almost FRIDAY!!!