Vision Board

My first blog post on the new website! Yes, I'm a tad bit excited about this! I hope to share with you my inspirations, new designs, family life, food and really what keeps me going! 

Today has been a very good nap day for Olin (my 9 month old son). I love those days! As soon as his little peepers close shut, I quickly hurry downstairs to my bench to create as much as I possibly can within a 2 hour limit. So you would probably understand how frustrating it was to go downstairs today, only to realize that I was out of PROPANE for my torch!! Cue the shaking of my angry fist! So after a few chosen words with my propane tank, I decided to hit the drawing board for my new One of a Kind Christmas Show booth display! I know the majority of you would probably look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears, but this is how far in advance I have to think about this stuff people! The show takes place in November/December in Toronto. It's one of the largest shows that I have ever taken part in. It is kind of a big deal to me to have an outstanding booth display. I take a lot of pride in my display, and put a lot of thought into them. I have so many ideas, and inspirations for this year that I need to start narrowing them all down. I'm really wanting to go after a Scandinavian look. I'm obsessed with stark white walls, wood, himmeli and evergreen accents. There's something so fresh and inviting about Scandinavian design. I'll for sure keep you all posted on the progress! In the interim, below are a few photos that are currently on my vision board! Enjoy xx

P.S.- It's almost FRIDAY!!! 




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